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Tech Talk Video Series Shows Business Benefits of Cloud
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Connie Lund
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We recently began a new video series known as Tech Talks, which are hosted by Techolution CTO and Chief of Cloud Transformation Tim Delesio. Available on the Techolution website, the company’s YouTube Channel, and elsewhere, the series has already completed two installments focused on Containers versus Virtual Machines and Microservices.

Tech Talk Host Tim Delesio brings nearly 20 years of experience in cloud transformation and enterprise application and systems architecture and design and is one of only 35 Google Cloud Certified Fellows on the planet. Tim will be focusing on different aspects of the cloud and how it all fits in with the technology systems, business processes, people, and customers across sectors like Banking, Healthcare, E-commerce, and more.

Ninety two percent of organizations are somewhat in the cloud according to the 2020 IDG Cloud Computing Survey. But how many understand how to make the cloud benefit their business? Tech Talks is the answer to bridging that gap by expressing in plain language what you can actually do with cloud computing that:

  • Improves business operations
  • Combats slowdowns that make your business less competitive
  • Increases efficiency, profitability, and scalability
  • Improves customer experiences
  • Lowers Capex and even Opex

The videos explain the business and practical benefits of the cloud to assist technical leaders to go beyond technology for technology’s sake. Your IT team may be small and skilled as IT generalists or experts in other areas. The Tech Talks become a way for IT people working on small teams to gain practical understanding about what the cloud and Techolution can do for them and their business.

Future Tech Talks will get more into the practical and technical aspects of Kubernetes, containers, the cloud stack and associated technologies. Everything will focus on how that can and should work in your real-world business environment and what it takes to get there.

Tim provided his take on the benefits of the Tech Talks and why they’re so important to business and IT leaders:

“There’s so much disinformation and conflicting views on the cloud out there and much of it is couched in technical-speak that even IT people don’t fully agree on the meaning,” said Delesio. “We call it Tech Talks, but it’s really plain talk about tech and the cloud. Our goal is that anyone in the business can watch and learn how the cloud can help their business overcome specific pain points to be more efficient, agile, competitive and profitable. That’s not just my mission, it’s the mission of Techolution and everyone that works on the team around the world.”

While Tim has no shortage of ideas and we expect to struggle to keep up with him, we want to hear from you about things you want to know as subjects for future Tech Talks. Feel free to give us feedback on what you see and let us know what you want to know. And as always, when you’re ready to start or continue your cloud journey, contact us at

You can watch the Tech Talk Series here on our YouTube channel.

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