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Outpace Your Competitors by Meeting Your AI, IoT, AppDev and Cloud Needs
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Rafi Adinandra
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AI, cloud, and AppDev are already driving agility, efficiency, innovation, and insights for you and your competitors. You’ve got current plans and projects on the drawing board that you expect will leapfrog you to the front. But that success also hinges on having the artificial intelligence (AI), AppDev, and cloud expertise to create the applications and cloud environments that drive them.

Gaining control, monitoring, and actionable insights of IoT at the edge via AI and cloud will require experts that have done the work in real-world settings. At this stage, you may find it’s too costly and inefficient to have these experts on staff since you need that expertise for specific projects at specific times.

Meeting Your AI, Cloud and AppDev Challenges Today

A lack of skilled experts and difficulty hiring them topped the list of challenges in AI for over 3,500 business leaders surveyed according to O’Reilly’s 2021 AI Adoption in the Enterprise report. Statistics show that of the insufficient number of AI, cloud, and AppDev experts available, only a fraction can work in cross-functional teams and deliver successful results in the actual world.

You ‘re likely engaged in long-term training and recruitment processes to fill these needs but the projects on the docket can’t wait. The collection and analysis of data sets over time for actionable smart decisions requiring AI/ML data set training models will affect finance and healthcare to manufacturing, retail, and beyond.

A few enterprises have made great strides in establishing the center of excellence programs to fulfill those needs. The challenge is that you’re feeling the pressure of advancing projects and programs today and not in a future CoE end state.

Customer demands and enterprise needs are changing much too fast around AI to expect even current AI team members to bring the real-world expertise to see projects through to successful end states, so what’s the answer? If only there were a way to have access to a COE team of AI, AppDev, and Cloud experts that were fractionally available with the skills you need when you need them to integrate into your existing team and projects.

The Fractional CoE Option

AI, DevOps, and Cloud Experts as Fractional Resources to fill specific roles at a specific time in project teams would be a dream come true for CIOs, CTOs, CXOs, and PMs from healthcare finance, manufacturing, and beyond. Having AI experts in artificial intelligence, Machine learning (AI/ML), IoT, DevOps, and cloud expert team as a fractional resource for firmware/software development based on budget and when you need them.

As a digital transformation company, Techolution has focused on the many achievable possibilities of practical enterprise solutions, innovation, efficiency, and growth at the intersection of AI, AppDev, Cloud, the Edge, and 5G. The most obvious reason is because your interpretation and needs from digital transformation differ from others. They all vary based on your specific sector, enterprise, and a swath of projects across divisions and departments developing over time.

We’ve worked years on developing our AI Center of Excellence (CoE), which gives you access to dedicated or fractional resources from our pool of subject-matter experts at Techolution. That translates to an adjustable portfolio of these experts that can meet any of your project needs or budgets as they develop. 

Our AI CoE has experience with solving a broad swath of modeling problems across industry sectors including:

  • Classification and regression tasks using big, unstructured datasets
  • Forecasting, natural language processing, and risk stratification for optimizing people, processes, and technology

From ML and Algorithm Validation to Backend infrastructure development and Cloud Migration, the Techolution team can fulfill your resource portfolio with the experts you need in the proportion in which you need them. That means realizing your DevOps, cloud, and Data Analytics needs for Firmware/Software project development. Our AI Center of Excellence as a Service delivers your proportional expertise needs in:

  • Top AI/IoT Talent
  • Continuously integrated DevOps support
  • Project management and subject matter expertise to translate requirements into functional development stories

Our AI COE has experience with solving a broad swath of modeling problems across industry sectors including:

  • AI experts skilled in working with big, unstructured data set classification and regression tasks, forecasting, natural language processing and risk stratification
  • Cloud experts that can build environments for applications using AI
  • DevOps engineers that can design AI-driven apps from the code up

AI, DevOps, and cloud skills are in high demand and short supply, so getting it all is a budget and logistical nightmare. Techolution can solve all your problems with our AI Center of Excellence (CoE) by:

  • Giving you access to dedicated or fractional resources from our pool of subject-matter experts in AI, cloud, and DevOps
  • Helping you build an adjustable portfolio of experts from our team to meet all changing project needs, budgets, or timelines.

Meeting Different Interpretations of Digital Transformation

It doesn’t matter whether your AI and AppDev need are similar or completely different from your sector peers and those peers in other sectors: Every application of AI/ML is unique to specific data sets and outcomes. This translates to a reality where having any AI/ML expert isn’t enough to ensure the successful outcome of a project. You need to make sure you have the right specialists in the right proportions that can meet these two criteria at a minimum:

  1. Do they know the needs of the sector and its customers?
  2. Do they have experience working with cross-functional teams of developers, engineers, cloud architects, and UI/UX experts to ensure that the solution does exactly what it should do?

If we look at a couple of sectors as examples, we can see the importance of how a fractional AI CoE will make all the difference in outcomes.

AI CoE in Healthcare

Healthcare, as one example, has just gone through the biggest wake-up call in its history with the pandemic, where provider ICU staffing, beds, and technology faced a flood of critical patients. Techolution’s AI CoE became the solution source for a remote patient monitoring (RPM) project requiring (AI), IoT, DevOps, and cloud experts in the right proportion, at the right time, and within a finite budget.

The result was an application that enabled ICUs to gain insights from current and former patient data set vitals from the devices connected to ICU patient beds. This application could learn based on that data and prescribed condition thresholds controlled by providers. The outcome was to determine proactively which patients might go into a new condition phase based on real-time changes in their individual vitals data. This enabled smaller (or overburdened) ICU staffs to:

  • More effectively monitor and treat more patients
  • Proactively intervene with prioritized patients based on that vitals data analysis
  • Improve patient outcomes and recovery times, freeing more ICU beds
  • Lower healthcare, patient, and provider costs

Having the support of a cross-functional team of AI, application development, and cloud experts was just the first boon of Techolution AI CoE. These experts had deep experience working together in cross-functional teams on real-world projects and could integrate with the hospital’s team and needs. This resulted in a very specific solution that other hospitals can adapt to their needs across the country.

AI CoE In Telecom and Manufacturing

With the possibility of having over 64 billion IoT devices by the end of 2025, collecting sensor data and generating useful insights will be paramount for every industry from telecom to manufacturing. By 2023, cloud-based AI will increase 5X from 2019, making AI one of the top cloud services according to Gartner. This growth shows how AI, IoT, and the cloud in telecom and manufacturing have similar challenges to other sectors.

They must all be capable of quickly accessing, monitoring, and analyzing data remotely in near actual time to make big service, maintenance, and bottom-line decisions. But they also differ when you look at the individual challenges on the ground.

For example, Telco towers are the backbone of communication and the growth of 5G that affects every consumer and business. They need to ensure that they have a way to deploy, manage, monitor, and act on the data from the countless IoT sensors on remote towers. This is vital to uptime, costs, and market competitiveness for them and their millions of consumers and business customers.

We brought together our AI CoE and Application Management Platform to help global telcos to plan, implement, monitor, and access vital IoT sensor networks and their data on remote towers to alert them to maintenance, load, and even market changes leading to new lines of business and service through AI, AppDev and Cloud experts joining with their internal IT teams.

Over 80% of business IoT projects will use AI and ML in one way or another by 2022, according to Gartner. The whole of the digital twin landscape relies on the intersection of AI, cloud, 5G, and IoT expertise. That’s one of many reasons the Techolution team has been working for some time on developing a vision of possibilities for digital transformation. A vision that is adaptable to your real-world needs today and tomorrow.

That has resulted in our AI CoE and its integration with cloud transformation and AppDev where we can bring the individual or team expertise you need for your projects to ensure outcome success. It’s all about anticipating possibilities to deliver solutions for the industry, market, and customer-changing forces that will make businesses competitive in the digital age.

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