Managed Cloud Services

Are you missing the skills and people you need to reliably run your cloud deployment?

Use our managed cloud services to minimize server downtime and free your team’s time to focus on generating revenue instead of fixing server problems.

Why Pick Techolution as Your Managed Cloud Services Provider?

Keep Your Customers Happy

We’ll tackle downtime & other problems — even if they’re not on our systems — so that you don’t lose revenue.

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Stop Waiting for Tech Support

We’ll embed a local expert on-site so that you don’t lose another minute to the problem.
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Cut Your Cloud
Support Costs

We’ll train your team & build your in-house skills so that you can reduce your managed services costs.

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Tackle Downtime
at Any Time

Our experts are available 24/7 so that you can tackle downtime during off-hours & holidays.
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Save Time & Money When
Selecting Your Cloud

We’ll help you pick the cloud platform that uses your skills & environment — no need to restart from scratch!
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Don’t Sink Money on VMs that You Only Need for a Day

We’ll equip you to handle traffic demand spikes on Black Friday and other critical days without sunk virtual machine and server costs.

Benefits of our Managed Cloud Services

Don’t Let Your Data Center Limits Deny You More Customers & Revenue

The moment your website or app is hit by a traffic spike (like Cyber Monday), we’ll instantly scale-up your managed cloud computing capacity to take on the load and keep your revenue flow active.

The next day — when there are fewer visitors/users — we’ll reduce the capacity, freeing you from the sunk costs of expanding your data center just for a few important days.

Finally, service customers in every market through our partners’ globally distributed data centers to run your website/app.

Cloud servers
Stop Downtime by Scaling to Traffic Bursts

Don’t Lose Time & Money Responding to Crashes & Errors

We’ll post a local expert to your location full-time (just like the rest of your staff) so that when there’s a problem, you don’t spend any extra time calling tech support — just tell your managed cloud services on-site expert.


In case the issue involves a third-party service or system, we’ll free you from wasting additional time (and losing revenue) handling other vendors — we’ll tackle it.

We know that downtime and bugs can catch you by surprise on holidays and off-hours. Our offshore managed cloud services team works 24/7, enabling you to respond to problems at any time without calling in staff for overtime or away from critical projects.

Lower Your Cloud Support Costs

You can upskill your existing staff through our on-site and remote training programs and reduce your managed cloud services costs.

Our training will also equip you to take more control of your cloud and lower your reliance on outside vendors.

Some cloud training programs (such as Pivotal Labs) are available in only select areas. If these are inaccessible to you, speak to us & we’ll deliver that training to you, no matter your location.  

Around-the-Clock Issue Response
project management

Don’t Let Skill Gaps Delay Critical Projects

If you need to hire to fill in skills gaps, we’ll cut the time by finding and vetting candidates. Our goal is to prevent your critical projects from getting bottlenecked due to hiring struggles.

Managed Cloud Services & Solutions That Boost Profit

Since we’re partners with each of the top managed cloud services providers, we know how each one works in-depth to guarantee you get the one that’s compatible with your systems, supports what you want to deploy, and gives the global reach you need to increase profit.

We Support These Managed Cloud Platforms


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

pivotal cloud

Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Amazon web services

Amazon Web Services

Azure cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud



Sap cloud





...of projects completed on time or sooner.


...improvement in performance across your apps’ critical KPIs.


...cost reduction in your cloud operations.

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