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Making AppDev Work for Retailers and Their Customers
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Rafi Adinandra
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Gartner predicts that 2.14 billion people will make online purchases this year worldwide, the stakes couldn’t be higher for retailers to get their application and digital back-end in order. The good news is that as an IT leader for a retail brand, you know what needs to happen to meet the changing and increasingly post-pandemic economy needs of your customers and end users. The bad news is that you need additional expertise in development and cloud transformation to support your team and make it happen.

Regional or global retail brands ranging from quick serve restaurant (QSR) to fashion and beyond are looking for AppDev and cloud transformation support to help realize digital user and customer interface and experience (UI and UX) that position them to be competitive. That’s because like most retailers, you’ve got just enough developers, admins, engineers and IT generalist to keep your retail organizations’ current IT and OT moving forward.

That’s why Techolution has built a team of experts for development and cloud transformation to partner with retailers like yourself to understand what you need to accomplish and then collaborate on the best way to make it happen. You know that’s no simple task since every retail sector and individual retailer is different. It also takes a deep knowledge of AppDev, GitOps and cloud transformation to pinpoint and implement the best approach among many.

AppDev That Delivers Actual Results to Retailers and Customers

Many retailers want to design applications that drive performance management and enhance visibility into key business drivers to turn client or customer app interactions into actionable ideas on what they need most. There are many ways to gain the ability through your app to review and analyze informed business operations. But is that a function of app UI and UX design, back-end database tables, and CRM/content integration, or the AppDev environment in the cloud?

It may be all the above or any combination for you, so it takes someone that can:

  • Have the in-depth discussion about short- and long-term project goals, scope, MVP and UI/UX needs
  • Do the deep dive into requirements of existing app code to look for what is missing to make the app adaptable to those future state needs.
  • Evaluate your existing infrastructure and applications and then plan a new cloud environment for faster app commits and micro-services to meet those data and service needs.

As a global retailer, you may have thousands of visitors each day that you need to differentiate between unique visitors, return visitors, and loyal customers to make them all brand loyalists. The problem is that your online presence (web and App) have no coordinated way to:

  • Differentiate them quickly
  • Track them across devices
  • Quickly determine their needs and wants
  • Make it happen with a single click or swipe on any device

68% of all e-commerce traffic comes from mobile according to the SaleCycle 2021 Ecommerce Stats & Trends Report. Your existing app, new app, application updates, services, website and Infrastructure have to be ready to meet needs to be competitive and gain part of that mobile market share.

Your ability to innovate faster than your competitors for gaining market share relies on the adaptability, scalability and integration of all these elements. Techolution has done this and more for countless global brands across retail by enabling them to:

  • Integrate new applications into existing technology ecosystems to streamlining processes and workflows
  • Develop hybrid cloud strategies and platforms for development, security and cost control to meet the needs of cloud first applications
  • Share information between different software hosted on your IT infrastructure or the cloud.

Why you need App, Cloud and Infrastructure Integration

You’re dealing with thousands of products across dozens of categories, so your application, web portal, supply chain and customers need a lot of functionality that is seamless and frictionless. This will include up to the minute product availability, upsell options, resupply and availability dates, pricing and sale item push marketing, and more. Having a partner like Techolution means you’ve got a collaborator that’s done countless projects customized to deliver actual business results in app and cloud environment development and modernization to:

  • Introduced high velocity product development strategy
  • Help you establish a culture of innovation
  • Provide data intelligence to retail locations, stakeholders, marketing, sales, manufacturing, and supply chain
  • Implement effective navigation for different customer types, performing different functions, all in a common platform.
  • Integrate mobile apps, web portals, Enterprise apps networking and cloud environment for effective content and data delivery
  • Automate and streamline the process to update content on the app
  • Design and implement consistent navigation menus across device types
  • Increase and integrate seamless multi-device customer engagements
  • Create smooth database integration, automated data extraction and enterprise application integration for seamless data analysis and customer need fulfillment
  • Revamp the UI for easy selection of offers
  • Increase app response times
  • Increase scalability for growth mode today and tomorrow
  • Meet app development, migration and microservice environment need to meet fast retail campaign need fulfillment
  • Reduce the cost and effort in managing content through automation
  • Engage and keep first-time buyers by personalizing the buying experience and providing education options
  • Simplify and secure sign in and create Intuitive Dashboard & User Roles.

We have a strong reputation for designing and implementing apps that are innovative in ways that make the UX experience seamless and simple. That means they’re also highly adaptable on the front end and highly secure and intelligent on the back end.

At Techolution we can focus on time-to-market needs without compromising quality and functionality from the code level to the UX. To learn how we can do that for you, visit this link to see our portfolio. Then get in touch with our CTO and Chief of Cloud Development Tim Delesio to discuss the best way to make it happen for you.

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