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How Techolution Cloud Certifications Drive Business Partner Success
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Connie Lund
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Techolution was recently proud to announce that CTO Tim Delesio joins only 33 people worldwide who have achieved Google Cloud Fellowship status for hybrid and multi-cloud certification. But the bigger picture is how it reaffirms Techolution’s dedication to constantly pursuing leading worldwide status as a company founded on experts that translate technology into business gains. Tim represents the latest example of the digital transformation company’s ongoing commitment to a growing team of enterprise design experts holding over 41 elite cloud and networking certifications among its worldwide staff of engineers and architects.

Google Anthos and the advent of Kubernetes mark the technical nexus point of hybrid and multi-cloud. They represent the agility and opportunity tipping point that gives start-ups to enterprises the tools they need to spark digital transformations that enable boundless business, application, process, and customer experience innovation.

The one challenge that remains is that many businesses lack the IT expertise and cloud strategies to translate those possibilities into real-world gains. Tim’s attainment of the elite Google Cloud Fellow Certification shines a light on Techolution’s commitment to bridging that gap between possibility and real-world results for countless businesses. This certification program recognizes individuals with deep technical expertise who can translate business requirements into technical solutions using Anthos and Google Cloud.

While Tim acknowledges how honored he is to have been designated a Google Cloud Certified Fellow, he was quick to point out that the hard work he and all of the engineers and architects put into certifications are about what it means for Techolution’s clients big and small:

“By including Google Anthos into Techolution’s cloud strategy, we help businesses access a very exciting technology that frees them from the typical restraints of one cloud provider or on-prem data center,” explained Tim. “Anthos brings a consistent experience across all cloud platforms that gives them the power of a truly unified single pane of glass view across all their applications, data, and workloads wherever they reside. “We’ve already shown its power in the real world by implementing Anthos and Kubernetes for a mid-sized retail company partner that delivered the control needed to modernize their application stack in their own environment and leverage the cloud to reduce their costs by 30 percent.”

Google Cloud unveiled the fully managed Anthos last year which gives customers the power to build and manage apps across environments on Google Cloud, on-premise data centers, and rival third-party clouds, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. For Techolution, Tim represents only the latest in a long line of certifications and expertise that positions them to bring real-world business processes and customer UX improvement to its partners around the world.

Real-world Digital Transformations Through Expertise and Experience

Tim’s certification is only the latest in Techolution’s commitment to providing the expertise needed to translate cloud to real-world business gains. From its offices in New York, India, Singapore, Indonesia, and Mauritius, Techolution connects with its partners across the globe. Their mission is to help public and private partners ranging from startups to global enterprises implement technology that drives business gains today and tomorrow.

To be a global leader in this effort, the company has invested heavily in nurturing, supporting, and advancing a team of experts that includes more than 41 cloud, data, and network engineering and architecture certifications including:

  • 19 Professional Cloud Architect Certifications
  • 18 Associate Cloud Engineer Certifications
  • 3 AWS Certified Solution Architect Associates
  • 2 AWS Technical and Business Professional experts
  • 2 Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification
  • 2 Professional Data Engineer Certification
  • 1 Azure Solution Architect Expert
  • 1 Maps Technical Fundamentals Credential

These certifications across dozens of Techolution experts with countless decades of collective real-world experiences supporting business partners is just the surface of a deep well of knowledge, expertise, and certifications. Techolution leverages this entire team every day in support of public and private businesses and organizations across the globe. This constantly growing list of experts provides solutions, strategies, and Google platform implementation for:

  • Cloud migration services
  • Google Anthos, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions
  • GKE and Kubernetes managed services
  • Cloud automation services
  • Microservices, serverless and containerization solutions

What drives Techolution is helping its worldwide partners accelerate their cloud-led digital transformation strategy in ways that harness new revenue streams and boost top-line growth. These experts are part of a much larger team that includes business and sales support experts with over 40 Google Cloud Sales Credentials. They all work together in partnership with businesses to deliver cloud transformation solutions on GCP for banking and financial services, healthcare, telecom, retail, and eCommerce industries among others.

Delesio has nearly 20 years of experience in cloud transformation and enterprise application and systems architecture and design. As Techolution CTO and Chief of Cloud Transformation, he leverages a deep expertise in systems and hybrid multi-cloud architectures with an equal understanding of business outcome needs. He was quick to provide one of many examples showing how the Techolution team of leverages their Anthos and Kubernetes expertise and certifications to transform their businesses partners:

“My team is the only firm to containerize Magento2 and run it inside of GKE on Google Cloud at scale with automated horizontal scaling and high availability,” said Tim “By achieving this you get the same experience and scalability you would get running in Adobe’s limited cloud, but now you have full control where and how it runs! This translates to savings up to 50% without any vendor lock-in.”

With clients ranging from startups to some of the world’s biggest brands, the Techolution team of IT professionals possess significant expertise in the areas of Cloud Migration and Automation, Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and CX/UX optimization. With the cloud as the fulcrum point of digital transformation, Techolution is founded on being true partners with public and private organizations across sectors like Banking/Finance, Science/Healthcare, Retail/eCommerce, Utilities, Travel, Media, and Smart Cities.

The mission is to help them achieve new efficiencies, boost productivity, and increase company-wide cost-effectiveness by delivering real-world business value in the present and in the future. Techolution recently won the prestigious Inc. 5000 Award for being one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

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