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In December 2022, Techolution was awarded the ‘Top Cloud Migration Provider of the Year 2022’ by the renowned CIO Review Magazine. This award comes in recognition of Techolution’s exceptional stature and continued success in enterprise cloud migration across a multitude of projects globally.

CIO Review is a leading digital and print technology magazine known for featuring stories and insights shared by C-level executives and senior management of new and existing companies showcasing incredible potential. One such organization that garnered the attention of CIO Review was Techolution which secured a prime spot for the magazine’s best picks for top cloud migration providers of the year. Techolution establishes its niche as a consulting firm known for delivering meaningful innovation and modernization for clients at a fixed cost by leveraging the power of enterprise cloud, product engineering, and real-world AI.

Techolution leverages its hypervelocity product development (HVPD) methodology to modernize entire businesses and empower them to create a new world of digital experience for their customers. “This in turn means our customers gain a competitive edge over their peers in the industry while making positive changes to their communities and environment,” adds Luv.

“We offer strategy and design at no cost. We even write the requirements for our customers and then deliver the vision at hypervelocity at a fixed price. This is why we believe the CIO Review Magazine subscribers chose us as the Top Cloud Migration provider of the year” says Tim Delesio, CTO of Techolution.

“Innovation done right – is the secret to success for enterprises in this decade. Today, we are trusted by some of the most recognizable brands for delivering meaningful innovation, predictably and at a fixed price,” says Luv Tulsidas.

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