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A GKE Migration: Lessons Learned From A Global Online Retailer
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Alan Leal
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At the end of a cloud migration project there is usually some degree of self-reflection about the actual project journey. Some common questions a tech team would ask themselves: What turned out well? What was particularly challenging? And most importantly, how can we do better for next time?

Based on our recent successful experiences migrating several large online retailer’s e-Commerce platforms to GKE to power their rapid growth and scalability, we have compiled and published this eBook with critical lessons learned and best practices gained from our migration projects.

This is a must-read before you embark on your own fruitful journey of migrating your online retail e-Commerce website to GKE. As you read, discover our list of 13 best practices to follow before and during a GKE migration, so you can avoid unnecessary costs and some serious headaches.

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