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Proud Partner of Pivotal - Cloud Foundry

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Looking to jump on the Microservices bandwagon but not sure where to start with your monolithic App? Our Microservices specialists will help you with Microservices strategy, architecture & development. We are an official Partner of Pivotal – Cloud Foundry. Our onsite and offsite experts can assist with your Cloud Foundry DevOps and PCF ongoing support needs.

Web & Mobile Dev

Looking for pixel perfect next-gen User Interfaces built to maximize your revenue potential? We have an army of UI ninjas across the globe who can help you with User Experience (UX), UI Engineering for Web & Mobile Apps. We help Fortune 100s as well as startups with Advanced Javascript, Responsive Web Design, Native iOS Apps & Hybrid Mobile solutions.

Internet of Things

Jump on the next big thing in tech with us. No, Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a buzz word! Ask our IoT experts who are working with clients across various verticals to make their businesses SMART with the goal of getting ahead of the competition. IoT is the next big wave in tech and we can help you get a a head start with a customized IoT Stategy. We can also help with IoT implementation or just doing a Proof of Concept!

Big Data Integration

Data here, Data there, Data everywhere! From strategy to development, we can help you fix your data related issues. Do you need a Big Data solution to make sense of all the data in your ecosystem? Or you need Enterprise System Integration to interconnect your Oracle SOA Middleware with your:  SalesForce, ERP  & Business Partners? We help our large global clients solve this very problem on a daily basis…

The Vision of Tomorrow Delivered Today

2020 Vision of Technology™

Established companies have just as much motivation to innovate as startups – and arguably, they have more resources to invest. So why doesn’t innovation thrive in mature organizations? Evolution in technology & how we use data will shape the economy of the future.

90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years. The Digital Universe will grow by a factor of 300 to 40 trillion gigabytes by 2020. That’s more than 5,200 GB for every man, woman and child.